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Meet Professional Realtor® Sammy Vanek, Santa Rosa Office

Sammy Vanek

Sammy’s highest priorities are connection, community, and growth, three values he brings to real estate.

Every client and every transaction is a human interaction, a  win-win situation, and an opportunity for sharing in the abundance and excitement of buying or selling a home.

Sammy began working in real estate in early 2015, specializing in flipping and first-time homebuyers. Today, his goal is to maintain those top clients while expanding his expertise to vacation rentals and acreage.

Eager to help more and more people watch as their dreams unfurl before them, Sammy is pleased and excited to take on your project.

“We went through 8-10 agents before we met Sammy” – Todd W., client

“Sammy was able to keep everyone’s spirits high, even when I hit a bump in my loan application… he was supportive and had the knowledge and experience to make my purchase easy” – Becky P., client

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Home Flipping in Santa Rosa- Part 1

Home Flipping in Santa Rosa- Part 2


Sammy with clients Jay and Mel excited about their new home! 


Another successful purchase for First Line in Property INC (FLIP)!