Meet the MikkiMoves Santa Rosa Team of Professional Realtors®

Mikki Cardoza | Broker/ Owner
Mikki Cardoza | Broker/ Owner(707) 515-6695
Teacher, with credentials to be a school principal, now a Realtor with an interesting story…
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Sarah Furmankiewicz | Realtor®
Sarah Furmankiewicz | Realtor®(707) 508-6305
She’s a Sonoma County local who loves the neighborhoods and treasures of this beautiful area…
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Erika Frey | Realtor®
Erika Frey | Realtor®(707) 888-0212
As your Realtor®, Erika Frey will provide the confidence you need to …
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Karen Colabianchi | Realtor®
Karen Colabianchi | Realtor®(415) 302-8884
Bay Area native, 25-year resident of Petaluma who loves real estate and community involvement…
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Stephanie Sebastiani| Realtor®
Stephanie Sebastiani| Realtor®(707) 495-1356
Stephanie was born and raised in Sonoma County.  She feels fortunate to have grown…
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Chris Butler| Realtor®
Chris Butler| Realtor®(707) 343-8964
As a Realtor, I’m here to make sure my clients feel empowered with the support…
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Vladimir Algin| Realtor®
Vladimir Algin| Realtor®(707) 236-2467
Vladimir Algin brings over 20 years of sales and internat…
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Nathan Kinzel| Realtor®
Nathan Kinzel| Realtor®(757) 776-6175
As a Realtor®, I am committed to helping you fe…
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Nadia Alrawi| Realtor®
Nadia Alrawi| Realtor®(707) 494-5637
I grew up in Germany and moved to San…
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Referral and Relocation Agents

Cherie Granzotto | Referral Agent
Cherie Granzotto | Referral Agent(707) 481-2007
Active parent, mother of two boys, she has helped more than 50 non-profits with fundraising)…
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